VertMarkets is a pioneering B2B media services company devoted to the creation of valuable long-term professional relationships. Whether it’s through our print and online publications, at one of our industry events, or during a professional training course, VertMarkets’ focus remains the same, to provide the platform where the world’s business and community leaders meet, engage, influence and collaborate to bring important new products, services and solutions to market quickly.

As a publisher for almost 40 years, we've connected millions of buyers and suppliers in over 100 industry specific markets across the globe. We were the first “online B2B publisher” when we launched WaterOnline in 1995 and continue to offer leading-edge tools to facilitate, understand and build these professional relationships.

Today, the company focuses on the following markets: Bio and Clinical Research, Energy Production, Food Manufacturing, Healthcare, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Photonic and RF Component Manufacturing, Retail, Water and Waste Water Treatment.


Step 1 - Define Company Targets
We work with you to define the appropriate targets in the markets you wish to grow in. This includes the types of companies that are the best fit for your solutions as well as the individuals in these companies who are involved in sourcing and deciding upon your solution. This becomes your network target of companies and personas. (Example: device engineering managers, directors of device development, directors and VPs of biologics, and VPs of supply chain in large biopharmaceutical companies).
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Through data collection and analysis, as well as personal contact, we have an understanding of what type of information each of these personas seeks out and how they prefer to get their information. We have to have this understanding to make our own products successful so we have built our own loyal network of readers who engage with us. We also help you determine the level of awareness and acceptance these personas have of your company and solutions as that will determine the best approach to help you make connections in this network.
立马加速器免费版 Step 3 - Connect and Influence Decision Makers
Through a variety of products and services, we help you build awareness and acceptance in your desired target network by enabling engagement within this network. This is done by helping you develop content that speaks to the problems your target personas need to solve. While this helps to build awareness of your solutions, it also introduces your SMEs to the network. This is important because people want to connect with people who share their interests and struggles. A variety of content delivery methods are employed to maximize the number of engagements you have with each individual target persona.
海外加速器永久免费版 Step 4 - Measure Marketing Effectiveness
Through our proprietary data capture software, we analyze who is engaging with your content and which content and SME they are engaging with. We analyze the reader behaviors to identify a potential level of interest they have in your solutions (e.g. number of pieces read, themes they connect with, how often they share with peers, delivery method engaged with, etc.).
海外加速器永久免费版 Step 5 - Refine
This data starts to tell us a story and identify target companies that you should be targeting to start nurturing through your sales funnel. As B2B purchasing decisions are made by teams with each individual having a different role, you need to start looking at the target company as its own micro-network within your target network.
海外加速器永久免费版 Step 6 - Target
We segment the individuals at this target company into their own group and help you determine the best way to engage with the members of the group. We also identify who else we have in our network from the target company and add them to the group to begin proactive activities to get them to engage with your content. This helps to build awareness and acceptance amongst all members of the team, which dramatically increases your chances of success. If a key member of the team does not know you and accept you, you cannot make the sale.
Step 7 – Provide Insight
Along the way, the data we collect will help you better understand each target customer and each target persona in the target company. Often, this will include information we gather through direct contact with these individuals. The better you understand the needs, thinking and attitudes of each member of the decision making team, the better your sales team will be equipped to help that company and turn them into a customer.

As the needs of the companies in your target network vary greatly and the awareness and acceptance of your solutions varies as well, this process needs to be executed consistently and constantly to ensure long term success. You don’t build productive networks with short campaigns but by building trust amongst the others in the network over time.


Years Of Publishing


Different Markets








Percent Dedicated


VertMarkets operates more than 75 specialized B2B publications designed to facilitate professional connections.
Below is a full list of the markets we serve.



• Pollution Control & Equip.
• Public Works
加速器免费版Solid Waste Treatment
• Water & Wastewater Treatment




 Hydrocarbons & Petrochemicals
加速器免费版Oil and Gas Production
• Power Generation & Trans.
免费加速器Power Distribution




• Human Resources
• Property & Casualty
• Purchasing & Procurement
加速器破解版Occupational Safety




• Home Health Industry
• Hospital Purchasing & Management
• Long Term Care





Public Sector

 Government Contracting
• Education Industry



Life Sciences

 Biopharma Development & Mfg
• Biosimilar Development
• Cell & Gene
• Clinical Leader
• Drug Discovery
• Laboratory Research
• Medical Device Development & Manufacturing
免费海外加速器破解版Pharmaceutical Processing
• Pharmaceutical Drug Development




 Bakery Equipment
• Beverage Manufacturing
• Dairy Processing
• Food Ingredients
网络加速器下载免费版Food Processing
• Food Service
• Supermarket Distribution
• Meat and Poultry Online
• Packaging Equip. & Materials



Information Technology

 Business Solutions
• 加速器免费版
• Data Collection Online
手机免费加速器Data Storage Connection
• ECM Connection
• Field Technologies Online
• Health IT Outcomes
• Logistics
• Retail IT Insights
• RFID Solutions
• Supply Chain Markets
• 免费加速器安卓






• OEM Electronics
• Embedded.System Design
• Test & Measurement




 Digital Broadcasting
• Enterprise Networking
• Fiber Optics
• Photonics 
• RF & Microwave
• Wireless Design




 Adhesives & Sealants
手机免费加速器Chemical Processing
• Plastics
免费加速器安卓Pulp & Paper 
• Garment & Apparel Industry




免费加速器安卓Automobile Manufacturing
• Machine Tools
• 海外加速器永久免费版
• Metal & Surface Finishing
• Metal Tooling





Our Culture


We hire uncommon people who embrace challenging work. VertMarkets’ team members thrive on competition, innovate to exceed customer expectations, and strive for honesty and high integrity. We believe a force of enthusiastic, loyal, harmonious co-workers is our #1 competitive advantage and is the foundation to our company’s long-term success. Spend a few minutes on our website to learn more about the VertMarkets culture. Even if you’ve never sold an ad or written an article, VertMarkets could be the right place for you.

We’ve created a culture of self-discipline combined with an ethic of entrepreneurship. We push for the quickest pace that will be effective. We act with urgency on anything that doesn’t meet our standards. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for achieving results. And our team achieves most goals we set because we don’t leave winning to chance. A shared attitude among most VertMarkets employees is, “I’ve never worked harder – and I’ve never enjoyed a job more than this one!”

We believe that to achieve those business outcomes we need an upbeat work environment. We integrate healthy humor and laughter into our day because we believe it enhances our productivity. We treat our employees like royalty by offering excellent pay and benefits, plus a chance to earn a spot on the annual company-sponsored goal trip to a tropical location.

Here are some other points about the VertMarkets environment you might find interesting:

Your performance determines how successful you are here. Individual career growth is based on achieving outcomes, not seniority.

  • The amount of training and support we offer to both incoming employees and veteran employees is abnormal. And we're thrilled to be abnormal in that regard. The ingredients for success are different for each person, so we provide resources to meet each individual’s needs.
  • Because we are trusted by many of the largest and most reputable brands in North America, our team members collaborate with some of the best minds in the business world. Those industry experts require a high standard of performance from us, so our team members must frequently create and execute high-impact ideas.
  • Our employees are not only talented at publishing, they have diverse professional backgrounds. Each branch of the military is represented on our team while other employees’ backgrounds include retail, insurance, healthcare, IT, pharmaceuticals, academia, and self-employment. We even have a former pro basketball player, a barista, and a chemist.
  • For a variety of reasons, our company isn’t for everyone. Some folks are a better fit for outside sales, and all our jobs are inside sales. Some work better in an unstructured environment, not our culture of self-discipline. For those who are a right fit, we partner them with managers and mentors who care about them personally and professionally.

Our unique culture has enabled us to thrive for decades in a changing world. We invite you to learn more about our company and decide if VertMarkets is right for you.

Our Selection Process: Different By Design

The word most commonly used to describe our hiring process is “thorough.” Conventional hiring processes rely on a conversation (or two) about your resume and skills, followed by a job offer. Because protecting our culture is important to us and because a career change significantly impacts your family, we’re careful to make sure the fit is right on both sides. We want to learn who you are, and you should want to learn everything you can about us. We promise candor about our job and work environment and ask you to be candid as well.

Our typical interview process begins with a phone interview to determine if a candidate’s skills and experience meet the minimum standards for the job. The next step would be employment screening, which consists of testing and an interview with our Corporate Recruiter in our office. Subsequent interviews would involve the Hiring Manager for the position and ultimately the company President, if all goes well. After each step, we’ll assess if there is a potential fit, and we’ll let you know if we choose to continue the selection process. We leave time in every interview for candidates to ask questions and afford every candidate the opportunity to talk with members of the VertMarkets team.

Before we make a job offer, we spend an average of 15 hours talking with a candidate. That’s significantly above the industry norm, but it’s different by design. As we said before, our culture is important to us, and a career change is important to you and your family, so we invest the necessary time to determine if we have the right fit. Finding that right fit requires time and hard thinking from both you and us.

Interested In Participating In Our Selection Process?




At VertMarkets we hire world-class employees with high character, drive, discipline and a track record of success. In turn, the company provides those employees with career growth potential, a friendly work atmosphere, and excellent pay and benefits. Please click on the link to view the available positions in each of our offices.



We are happy to talk with you.

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